DIY fails: What not to do when renovating your home

We love a good DIY, but when it comes to renovating your home there’s a fine line between a DIY success and a DIY fail. The main goal of renovating your home is not only to make it your own, but to do it right. Keep these DIY fails in mind and you will be on your way to a successful renovation that can potentially increase your home value, functionality and save you money (and time!).

Here’s our list of top DIY fails (so you don’t have to learn the hard way):

False confidence

You may be a master DIYer but it’s important to know when to get a professional involved. If your home needs electrical wires rerouted, or you have a vision to move a sink or gas oven to the other side of the bathroom or kitchen, call a professional. “DIY electrical wiring” or “DIY rerouting gas pipes” sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. You’re not a professional…and that’s okay! Bottom line, if you’re taking on a specialty project, there’s a chance things can go south very quickly. Find a professional who has the expertise and confidence to get the job done. It will be worth it.

Forgetting building codes

If you’re not following the proper codes, you’re running afoul of the law and potentially putting your home, family and self in danger. Fail. If you are thinking about tackling a big project in your home, don’t forget to make it home code-compliant. Cue the professional. You may sell your home later on down the road, and if your improvement projects are not code-compliant, you could have expensive repairs to make.

DIYing without a permit

Not all home projects require permits. However, it’s a huge fail to think you can get away with not having a permit for a home project that requires one. Permits do cost money but they’re worth it. When you have one, your project will involve an inspection at the beginning and end to ensure your renovation is safe and properly executed. In the long run, permits will save you some serious headaches and likely make your home more marketable.

Cheaping out

When choosing your materials, it’s important to resist going with the cheapest option. We know renovating a home can be expensive, but having to redo a project at some point because of faulty parts…that could be more expensive. Besides, you’re saving a ton of money on labor costs already. Trust us, it’s better to do it right the first time.

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