4 ways to achieve the ultimate “person cave”

Everybody needs a place of their own—especially grownups who have kids and share a bedroom with their significant other. Typically these are called man caves, with the implication that it’s only the man of the house who needs somewhere to slink off to and get away from it all. Not true! Women need it too; often their version is referred to as a sitting room or a sanctuary.

For the purposes of this article and in the interest of equality, I’ll call it a “person cave.” Now let’s get to the topic at hand: making yours as awesome as possible!

Tip 1: Scout out a spot
First things first: You need a place for your cave. The word implies that it has to be in the basement or somewhere below ground level, but don’t feel restricted. An attic, unused spare bedroom, cluttered utility room or even part of a garage can all fit the bill.

Tip 2: Pick your theme
Before you start slapping on the paint and hanging lighting, you’ll need to decide what kind of room you want. Will it be a place to admire your collection of sports memorabilia? A home theater with movie-themed prints and big seats? Perhaps you want to showcase your passion for music with your treasured vinyl and guitar collections. Maybe a meditation room or something similar where you can just get away and chill.

Whatever your chosen theme, the best way to nail down your ideas is to sketch them out. Don’t worry about artistry, just get your vision out on paper. Outlining your thoughts will start to bring your ideas to life and will help you see possible challenges up front with your layout or design.

Need inspiration? Hop on the internet – there are tons of websites dedicated to cave designs!

Tip 3: Don’t scrimp on the extras
Now that you’ve pinned down a theme and a sketch, what are you going to fill the room with?

Serious gamers need specific chairs (casual gamers can get by with beanbags). Movie buffs can make the most of their surroundings with a popcorn machine and a fridge for drinks. Music enthusiasts can’t forget about the sound system (audiophile quality is optional). A proper sitting room needs a cool coffee table and a soft sofa, possibly a daybed for dozing.

You want your cave to be awesome out of the gate, so try to avoid excluding something that later on you’ll wish you had.

Tip 4: Make it all-inclusive

We all dream of a room that’s dedicated to just our stuff and is off limits to everyone else. But the reality is, when you’re cohabitating with others, it’s best to make your cave (or at least a portion of it) welcoming to everyone. Feel free to announce to the household that you’ll be spending the most time in there! Also, avoid the temptation to put locks on the doors unless it’s in the interest of child-proofing an area with a lot of fragile, valuable items.

I hope these tips were helpful in guiding you in the right direction. Happy spelunking!

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